Vero Bielinski
Frankfurt am Main - Germany


Born in Germany with polish roots, Vero Bielinski graduated 2013 from the University Of Applied Science Darmstadt Faculty of Design with a concentration in photography. 

Under Professor Michael Kerstgens („stern“ Magazine photographer) and honorary professor Barbara Klemm, she was able to learn a lot about the significance of photography. During her studies Vero Bielinski accepted every single challenge to improve her skills in photography and trained her eye to capture the essence. While her study abroad in Kraków (Poland) at the Jan Matejko Academy Of Fine Art, she deepened her knowledge in painting and graphic arts.  In New York City she completed an internship at the Photoartist Ken Schles and was allowed to get to know the elite of photographers among others Robert Frank. Vero Bielinski travels all over the world to work on projects and to earn as much as inspiration she can. Since 2011 she has been successfully working as a freelance photographer, simultaneous she has had numerous exhibitions. 

Bielinski has covered many areas of streetphotography, including expressive portraits. She focuses on the real social science in an extraordinary visual way to explore the life of human beings.